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Supporting Existing Projects

One of the questions most commonly asked of the Fragile Oasis team is “how can I get involved?” Here are some ways to become a participating crewmember:

VOTE. This is the easiest way for those of any level of involvement to participate. Whether you are a new crewmember or a project owner, a one-time visitor or a Fragile Oasis crusader—voting for projects strengthens our community. And just like the projects we champion, the greater the support, the better the results will be!

SOLVE: Solvers are those who want to know how to do. They already have project ideas and are ready to set them in motion. This type of participation can evolve in several ways, including:

  • Creating and submitting a project to the Fragile Oasis website
  • Joining a project team
  • Connecting project owners with subject-matter and/or regional experts that can offer guidance and support
  • Taking on a leadership role in our onsite forums by sharing your knowledge and experience with project owners that are seeking subject-matter expertise

SUPPORT: Enthusiasts are those who want to know how to help. This could include: providing resources that might enhance the presentation of a project; using your all-star networking skills to inspire a user-base, or offering a time-based donation that could enable a project to take flight! Other ideas include:

  • Designing a logo; brochure; and other supporting literature
  • Donating products that can be used as giveaways for avid supporters
  • Using your personal networks to activate project-based social engagement
  • Picking up the phone to call organizations and spread the word
  • Sponsoring a project on behalf of your organization
  • Publishing an article related to a project or related subject on your website
  • Offering thoughtful and constructive feedback to project owners through the forums so that they can improve their project and providing solutions when possible
  • Sharing the Fragile Oasis website with your personal and professional networks
  • Administrative work — e.g., maintaining a spreadsheet documenting social participation
  • Voting for projects

Currently, all crewmember interaction takes place in the Fragile Oasis forums.