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Project Submission Guidelines

Want to see your world from an astronaut's perspective - an orbital one? Here's your chance to improve your environment the way astronauts must when living and working in space!  

  • Upload a project you're involved with that helps make this world a better place (such as committing to 30 days of peace or serving meals to the poor).

  • Select a category that corresponds to International Space Station systems and activities. Not sure which category fits best? Contact us and we'll help you if you cannot decide.

  • Get on the ground and start your project! Upload photos and progress to your project page on Fragile Oasis.

  • Share with your social networks and communicate in the Fragile Oasis forums.

  • If your project receives the most votes in its category, it becomes eligible for a flown-in-space Fragile Oasis medal.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today. Create a crewmember profile if you haven’t done so already and upload a project. When you click 'Submit' you'll earn a Project Organizer badge that will be visible on your profile. Remember, all great acts start with one small step!


  • You must join the Fragile Oasis community to submit or vote for projects. Don't worry, it's a safe site, plus we've taken precautions to protect your privacy.

  • All submitted projects are held for review, usually no more than 24 hours. We'll be in touch upon approval. Please be sure to check for typos and list a project point-of-contact.

  • Crewmembers may not upload their project more than once, even if the project fits into more than one category. 

  • Votes may be audited. Crewmembers who create more than one account to vote may be removed and their votes deleted. 

  • Sharing your project through e-mail and social networks to galvanize family and friends to vote for your project is not only allowed, it’s encouraged! 

  • Fragile Oasis reserves the right to remove any project at any time.

Space helmets off to you!