Fragile Oasis

Connecting Space and Earth: Learn. Act. Make a Difference.
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Welcome to the FRAGILE OASIS Toolkit

A how-to guide for making a difference

Fragile Oasis gives crewmembers like you a platform to submit Earth-based community projects or research topics that improve our world (such as cleaning a neighborhood park or finding a way to provide a service to those with limited access); in ten categories that correspond with International Space Station infrastructure and activities: communication, community, education, energy, environment, food, health, research, peace and water.

Together, we seek to create and nurture a sense of community in the same way that astronauts who live and work onboard space station create a sense of community with each other.

Have a great idea for an Earth improvement project? Get started today by creating a crewmember profile if you haven’t already, and upload a project!

Project Criteria:

Each project must demonstrate a desire to make a positive impact on a community, city, country or the world. Projects can be large or small, based on student research or mature design, in the concept phase or actively in development. The only caveat is that your project makes our Fragile Oasis - our Earth - a little bit stronger.

Set Your Project on a Path With Greater Trajectory!

Fragile Oasis projects and/or their sponsoring organizations are eligible for the Fragile Oasis Prize - awarded to outstanding initiatives that have impact on Earth.

Participate in the Community and See Your Project on the Homepage of Fragile Oasis!

Vote on projects that you support, you can even vote for your own! Our editors will acknowledge active participation by featuring select projects on the homepage of Fragile Oasis. (If you are selected to be featured, we will notify you in advance.)

Learn how to supporting existing projects.

Join the Fragile Oasis community to vote for space and Earth-based community projects and to submit your own.