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How To Focus Your Project

Once your project is created and live on the site, help it take flight! Here are some suggestions to help you focus your efforts:

  • Prioritize your plans. Create a timeline of events. Determine priorities and resolve issues before they arise.

  • Set goals. Record milestones as they are achieved. Consider creating a visual timeline of progress that you can share with others within your social communities.

  • Set a project deadline to motivate people to get involved.

  • Discuss your project in the Fragile Oasis forums.

  • Create a project FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sheet and a project fact sheet outlining information about your project. Post this information on your project page, publish it to your website, add it to your social network share pages, etc.

  • Contact bloggers to see if they are interested in telling your story on their website.

  • Contact an organization that can help you develop a regional network for your project in a specified region.

  • Keep a tabulation of new relationships resulting from placing your project on Fragile Oasis—supporter name, connections with new organizations, etc. Keep tabs on information relating to project-related correspondence: ‘thank you note’ sent? ‘Liked’ on Facebook? Tweeted or retweeted? Repinned or liked an image on Pinterest? etc.

  • Find experts. Who knows about your issue or cause? Who can and will support your position or solution? What information can they share with you? Placing information from experts throughout your project literature will help you grow support.

  • Conduct ongoing brainstorming sessions to figure out what's next! (Reference: 'Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative Thinking Techniques'.)

  • Spread the word with your friends, family and social influences.

  • Seek others who care about your issue or cause and invite them to share or support you in some way. Browse Fragile Oasis projects; conduct search engine research; connect with change makers in your social networks and on sites like, and

  • Create a standalone project website.

  • Submit your project to a crowdfunding site linking back to your project on Fragile Oasis.

  • Publish articles about your project on external websites.

  • Create a mailing list and send out newsletters.

Have you used other methods to extend the reach of your project? Click "Edit Page" in the left panel of this page, add your advice or feedback, and save the page. We will place our favorite entries here linking back to your project page!