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Connecting Space and Earth: Learn. Act. Make a Difference.
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Creating a Project

To upload a project on Fragile Oasis, you will need to register for an account.

To launch a project, you will first need a great idea! Projects on Fragile Oasis should in some way tackle challenges facing humanity while making a connection between space and Earth. Community, energy, communications, health, food, water, peace—these are challenges that face all humans, regardless of where they are positioned in the orbital perspective. From these challenges comes the opportunity to improve Earth processes, the same way astronauts must improve the way they live and work onboard the International Space Station every single day.

If you already know your focus, refine it by writing a full outline consisting of the who, what, where, why and how of your project.

If you are still in the brainstorming phase, here are some ideas that might help you get your project off the ground:

Communication Create a fun robot language and share it with your friends.

Community Deploy a community garden at your place of work.

Education Build a tutorial and teach it to the masses. Demonstrate how to fold origami animals, or how to draw an exact replica of the International Space Station. Share your thinking process.

Energy Create new ways of conserving energy. Document and share your activity.

Environment Develop and implement a composting system in your neighborhood.

Food Create a dehydrated food concept that can be used in space. Think about things such as weight and packaging. Repurpose packaging into a science experiment.

Health Create clothing concepts out of unusual materials that can protect people who live in harsh environments (sun, wind, snow, cold weather, etc.)

Peace Commit to 30 days of peace. Compliment someone. Share a meal. Forgive a folly. Peaceful actions start small and spread wide. Set a time-frame and stick to it.

Research Students: put your completed research project on Fragile Oasis and share your hard work. Engage with the Fragile Oasis community and gather feedback.

Water Design a water filtration system out of organic materials. Test it out on camera and share with your social circles.

Read on for more inspiration:

Now that you have your idea, get it off the ground by submitting it!