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Connecting Space and Earth: Learn. Act. Make a Difference.
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Community Guidelines

Fragile Oasis seeks to engage and inspire people and organizations committed to improving life on Earth to connect, collaborate and inspire each other in this common goal.

We also seek to create and nurture a sense of community in the same way astronauts who live and work aboard the International Space Station create a sense of community with each other.

To this end, please be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Fragile Oasis is family-friendly. Please keep comments and posts appropriate.
  • Fragile Oasis reserves the right to delete offensive content.


  • Complete your crewmember profile.
  • Add a personal photo to your profile.
  • Collaborate with others to tackle challenges facing our world.
  • Nominate and vote on projects you believe are making the world a better place.
  • Inspire others to make a difference.
  • Spread the word by inviting others to become Fragile Oasis crewmembers.
  • Share your success stories with others.


  • Create more than one profile. If you cannot login to your original profile, please use the Forgot Password link, or if you log in with a social network, verify your social media user credentials. Users who create more than one profile to tip voting or increase popularity ranking in any way may be removed and their votes deleted.