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World's Biggest Dream Board

World's Biggest Dream Board earned the Fragile Oasis Prize Medal for making a positive impact in Peace!

Fragile Oasis crewmembers nominated and voted for the Earth based projects they felt most deserved to be recognized with a medal that flew with NASA astronaut Ron Garan for a half year on his last mission to the International Space Station.

Read more about the winners on the Fragile Oasis blog.

Winner of the Fragile Oasis Prize Medal for Peace

The mission of World's Biggest Dream Board is to provide a safe space online for all to dream, share, and believe in one another.

Founded by Juliette Wallen in March 2011, World's Biggest Dream Board began as a peace project in Carlsbad, CA. Today, through the use of social media, live events, artwork, games and Apps we encourage all to take a chance on their dreams.

We are currently working to complete our first social application, Dream-Share-Believe. With the input of images from your social media and your individual dream, Dream-Share-Believe will create an image that will serve as a map guiding you from here to your goal,(a.k.a. dream come true).

Research has shown that your subconscious mind cannot assist you in reaching your goal if the brain does not understand what the outcome will look like. By creating a map showing YOU ARE HERE, LANDMARKS and THIS IS YOUR DESTINATION, your subconscious mind will work tirelessly to achieve your dream.

It is the hope and belief of World's Biggest Dream Board that by dreaming, sharing and believing in each other, We as a fragile oasis can work together and heal our planet.