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Space Shuttle Guide

Documenting Space Shuttle data for future generations.

With the retirement of the world’s first reusable spacecraft, the Space Shuttle, there needs to be a way to guarantee that the knowledge is not lost and distributed to the next generation of space enthusiasts. Knowledge gained should not only be to make possible missions to Mars and creating lunar bases, but to enable us on earth to make renewable energy as common as the pocket calculator. The Space Shuttle Guide is attempting to organize this data in a format which is easy to use.

Since the space Shuttle is one of the most complex machines ever created, the amount of information on the space vehicle is overwhelming. In order to encourage grade school children’s interest and create enthusiasm in the next generation, the Space Shuttle Guide attempts to allow users to find any piece of information on the Shuttle in three clicks. It also hopes to generate interest in those people who have insight in the shuttle to share the knowledge they have and disseminate it to current and future space enthusiasts.