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Florida 4th graders are researching, designing and building an International Space Station Module within their classroom.

4th Grade Gifted Students in Florida are researching, designing and building an International Space Station Module within our classroom. Students have taken on the role of engineers or scientists from various countries, learning about the culture and can speak some of the language. We have recently linked with a school in England! And hope to collaborate with their 'ESA' astronauts!

Student will integrate Mission X to train, 21st Century Explorer (to gain insight) as well as their own research to justify participation and research project aboard their ISS.

Our goal is to have an astronaut selection board to decide on crew postions and then sign our ISS Charter and begin design. The end event will (hopefully) include a mission control (outside the classroom) with a live link to the ISS (inside the classroom) conducting and sharing research on space and earth science.

Students will share their experiences through blogging and webcasts while the mission is active. Once complete, they will present tours to our school and community.

My goal is to have them work through the NASA Engineering process and experience as realistically as possible the challenge and excitement generated by the International endeavor and important research conducted aboard our real ISS partners.

May the force be with us! (pictures and videos coming soon)