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Human Progress Blog

A blog dedicated towards showcasing and advocating for human progress in all fields. This blog has strong space and science ties and was inspired by the writing of Carl Sagan.

One of my biggest passions is to advocate for greater scientific literacy and more robust space funding. I see science as humanity's bridge to the future, and tirelessly work to ensure that those around me understand the importance of science. I understand the importance of other fields, and they are also mentioned in this blog as well. Philosophy, diplomacy, history, and art are a few other examples. Together, the topics covered are intended to promote a more scientifically literate public, promote worldwide peace, and foster a mindset where humans strive to take care of our beautiful planet; our Fragile Oasis. After all, it's all we have. For now.

While blog posts are written at no specific time intervals, thoughts are shared daily via the blog's Twitter, @HumanAdvncmnt, as I attempt to increase scientific literacy and a love for humanity in the general population.

It is incredibly important to me that we, as a species, thrive and continue to produce such great works of science and selflessness, of architecture and art, of music and mathematics, of education and expression, and of peace and progress. I encourage everyone to help make such a future possible.

In addition to the blog, and as a sort of end game, I will compile these thoughts and reflections, along with inspiration from my personal collection of literature, into a book. This book is intended to spread the message of hope and progress for humanity across borders and across decades.

Join me on Twitter or at our website to have discussions about social issues and help motivate humanity to succeed and advance. The sky is no longer the limit.

Ad Astra.