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Free the Water

Free the Water earned the Fragile Oasis Prize Medal for making a positive impact in Education!

Fragile Oasis crewmembers nominated and voted for the Earth based projects they felt most deserved to be recognized with a medal that flew with NASA astronaut Ron Garan for a half year on his last mission to the International Space Station.

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Winner of the Fragile Oasis Prize Medal for Education

The Free The Water project brings attention to local and global water issues.

Free The Water is also a call to action about local and global water issues begun some time ago. Its basic summary and aims are as follows:

This project raises awareness about the theory that we have overall ensnared a detrimental amount of water away from natural cycles of the planet and it is more than an inconsequential amount. Anything we can do to help correct this; the sooner the better. We require a more comprehensive system of local/global water strategy with a keener eye towards the long term sustainability of this finite resource which includes expanded involvement of the public interest in its correct management. The obviousness and importance of our modern impact on water will only grow over time. Without proper consideration, the global (and localized) problems that could crop up may be fatal to people and also the planet.

The evidence for an encroaching thermo-aquatic concern is already evident in lowered lakes and rivers in many places and possibly also a greater trend of increased temperature and atmospheric expansion affecting the entire globe. While many areas experience a drought of historical freshwater abundance, the sea continues to rise. In conjunction, vast swaths of both Arctic and Antarctic ice have been depleted recently. These deposits represent a considerable portion of the worlds stored freshwater resources

This project is a call to action for people all over the world; get aware of what's happening to water today, your water.

From the excellent and ongoing work of the Costeau dynasty, other projects here on Fragile Oasis, the UN, even your local town council, there are many ways you can help !

Water is something really essential to life on Earth and our ability to expand beyond Earth might require appropriate early consideration as well. How much water does an off-world mining colony with 1000 people on it need anyway? What about a few at 10,000 people each?

It is a really unprecedented time - whether you believe in 'global warming' or not - believe that our relationship to water, as we've imagined, is changing and much of the reason is now human and economic in nature... forces we have the ability to control. There are many ways to be involved, like reading-up on the subject, joining groups and being active in a positive way with your beliefs about important issues, even just talking about these sorts of important issues is a great catalyst for better general awareness and eventual action. There are as many ways to be involved with water stewardship as there are different types of people with an interest to do more ! ;)

One small thing many of us can do (the one that initiated this whole project years ago) is; if you ever come across some discarded clean water trapped and abandoned on the side of the roadway some-place, pour it into a stream, lake, plant (vegetables?) or appropriate parcel of land near you (don't forget to recycle after too). Eventually it will travel through and over much of the Earth through the wonderful and varied processes that sustain all life as we know it!

It seems a negligible impact to be sure, but it beats dumping it down the drain or throwing it in the recycling bin which we've all probably done with no thought as to the timelines of the water-cycle or its scarcity to some others on the planet. As the saying goes, every little bit helps. If you have any water, you are enjoying something sacred, whether you realize it or not. Others would give all they had for it at times. It should not be taken for granted.

If you want to take a more dedicated approach, wherever possible, we can all be more water conscious; use less, use unused (think plants or animals instead of sink or sewer!), and use local where possible instead of just displacing the problem by trusting someone (who doesn't want or allow your free participation) to 'take care of it all for you'.

Anyone around the world can participate (though it could be a much greater gesture for some than for others considering the reach of the internet these days).

Help return some of the water that we have taken away from the Earth through our present uninformed over-consumption, cosmetic entrapment and harmful industrial uses... Get involved in your area, read up online, make some fun doing your own projects or joining in with others for a few hours anywhere you can ! We must be the change we seek, after all.

FREE THE WATER! Many schools and municipalities have already begun !

Before placing anything in a public waterway, please be sure you conform to local regulations.