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Projects: Do 1 Thing

Flowers for the Public

An ongoing Do 1 Thing project that is transforming a small strip of unused sloped land into an oasis of garden flowers, changing with the seasons.

Turning a piece of land otherwise idle (has been so for 20 years!) into an oasis of garden flowers, changing with the seasons (3 times a year plus appropriate decoration during winter).

Sloping land (14 %) requiring little terraces. Roses (smelling !), tulips, tagetes, daisies, forget-me-nots, gladiolus, crocus, hyacinths, petunia.

A little hedge in front (no fence), at one corner a fir tree (decorated as Xmas tree in winter).

Total area: triangular shape, 20 feet long, width 10 feet. Flowers are not for picking but for admiring and enjoying. Passers-by are enthusiastic about the changes and give support (donations in cash and in kind!). That project has been running for 3 years now, no end in sight (or planned).