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Convoy for Hope – Food for Famine Relief in Somalia

Convoy for Hope – Food for Famine Relief in Somalia earned the Fragile Oasis Prize Medal for making a positive impact in Humanitarian Service!

Fragile Oasis crewmembers nominated and voted for the Earth based projects they felt most deserved to be recognized with a medal that flew with NASA astronaut Ron Garan for a half year on his last mission to the International Space Station.

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Winner of the Fragile Oasis Prize Medal for Humanitarian Service

When Somalia experienced its worst drought in six decades, the United Nations declared it “the worst humanitarian crisis” on the planet.

The Global Enrichment Foundation's Convoy for Hope program has since fed more than 200,000 people and remains committed to providing emergency food-aid to the most vulnerable in Somalia, for as long as needed.

The Facts about Famine Relief in Somalia:

In February 2012, the UN announced an end to famine conditions in Somalia. But the country remains in crisis and without further aid is at risk of plummeting back into a state of famine.

According to recent UN reports, 2.3 million people in Somalia – 31 per cent of the population – are still in need of emergency food-aid. Somalia’s malnutrition rates are among the highest in the world and 325,000 children are acutely undernourished.

Progress is fragile and difficult to make in a country that has been plagued by two decades of conflict, drought and prolonged food shortages – realities that have displaced 1.3-million people.

The most recent shipment delivered food to 25,000 people displaced by war and the famine. The convoy delivered the aid in Dhoobley, Somalia, the location of one of the planet's largest refugee camps.