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  • Picha Mtaani

    Picha Mtaani is a mobile photo exhibition held in towns across Kenya, showcasing photographs of the post-election violence of 2007/08. Picha Mtaani has reached over 500,000 individuals and plans to develop an online platform that will use photography as a catalyst for social change across East Africa. Picha Mtaani is a
  • Karibu Homes

    Karibu Homes is a social enterprise that brings home ownership along with a secure, sanitary, and progressive community to low-income families. Karibu Homes hopes to build 10,000 homes and house 50,000 people per year. Irfan also co-founded Honey Care Africa, a social enterprise that has impacted over 10,000 lives. Kar
  • Yonkers Partners in Education Family Literacy Program

    In Yonkers, New York, many children live at or below the national poverty level. Yonkers Partners in Education provides 8,500 primary grade students with a bag filled with books to read at home each week, accompanied by bi-lingual instructional materials for parents and caregivers. Upon returning the bag, each child r
  • H2 Empower Library Project

    h2 Empower is building a community library in Hosanna, Ethiopia, a town with 27,000 school aged children. We are building this library to make knowledge readily available to the people in this rural agricultural community and to connect people with the outside world.
  • 2021 G(reen) Fit(Ness) E - Camps Online

    THIS PROPOSAL IS: In a response to increasing obesity rates and related illness, the lack of awareness of energy waste, and the need to reduce the internet skills gap. Goal: To substantially impact on the threefold problem with educational data provided each year, set against health and energy statistics each year i
  • Ukraine Kids

    Ukraine Kids serves orphans in Vorzel, Ukraine. Together with our partner organizations, we bring hope and love to children.

    This project focuses on the benefits of astronautics and space life sciences for human health and medicine. "We are discovering universe, for to finally find ourselves..."
  • Kuweni Serious

    Kuweni Serious is an online platform that focuses on creating a corps of everyday changemakers among young, educated, middle class Kenyans. Kuweni Serious is an Acumen Fund East Africa Fellows Program.
  • Friends of Blackheath Pool & Memorial Park

    Blackheath Pool & Memorial Park is our 'fragile oasis' at the top of the mountains. Three years of concerted community action successfully snatched Blackheath Pool from the brink of demolition. The fully renovated Pool reopened in 2006, & is gradually re-establishing its role as the heart of our community. It's a so
  • Tachila Nature Reserve

    The Tachila Nature Reserve has been established on 8,000 hectares of donated land just under 5km from the FRANCISTOWN city boundary in Botswana. The aim is to preserve part of the natural and historical heritage of Francistown in order to provide a practical environmental education and recreational facility for its peo