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  • Ukraine Kids

    Ukraine Kids serves orphans in Vorzel, Ukraine. Together with our partner organizations, we bring hope and love to children.

    This project focuses on the benefits of astronautics and space life sciences for human health and medicine. "We are discovering universe, for to finally find ourselves..."
  • Kuweni Serious

    Kuweni Serious is an online platform that focuses on creating a corps of everyday changemakers among young, educated, middle class Kenyans. Kuweni Serious is an Acumen Fund East Africa Fellows Program.
  • Friends of Blackheath Pool & Memorial Park

    Blackheath Pool & Memorial Park is our 'fragile oasis' at the top of the mountains. Three years of concerted community action successfully snatched Blackheath Pool from the brink of demolition. The fully renovated Pool reopened in 2006, & is gradually re-establishing its role as the heart of our community. It's a so
  • Tachila Nature Reserve

    The Tachila Nature Reserve has been established on 8,000 hectares of donated land just under 5km from the FRANCISTOWN city boundary in Botswana. The aim is to preserve part of the natural and historical heritage of Francistown in order to provide a practical environmental education and recreational facility for its peo
  • Wingspan Nations, NGO

    Simply plant your country's flag on our fb page - to promote awareness - natural Disasters, and Our Need for a global Pre-Planning and Action network. facebook page: Japan Haiti - Our Future World on Earth: International Call for Action - started march 13, 2011, to promote a global pre-planning network of pre-need supp
  • We Are Watching You

    We Are Watching You engages youth and communities in kenya through music and performances to create a culture of vigilance and political accountability. We Are Watching You is an Acumen Fund East Africa Fellows Program.
  • Milango Microfinance

    Milango Financial Services is a microfinance institution that seeks to empower kenyans to conquer poverty. providing one stop servicing for various financial and training needs, Milango has reached over 10,000 clients and given over 13,000 loans valued at $4.5 million. Milango Microfinance is an Acumen Fund East Africa
  • Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa (COFTA)

    COFTA uses Fair Trade principles to promote the sustainable development of African producers into successful businesses. COFTA has registered 172 Fair Trade produces in 24 countries across Africa, and hopes to expand their capacity building, market access and advocacy programs to reach even more producers. COFTA is an
  • GrowthAfrica - Kenya

    GrowthAfrica Capital assists small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses into strong and profitable companies through mentorship, training, and patient capital. GrowthAfrica has helped over 1,500 clients, and hopes to expand their programs across East Africa to reach 5,000 entrepreneurs annually. Grow