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  • Junior Achievement - Kenya

    Headquartered in Nairobi, Junior Achievement Kenya is a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide, one of the world's largest and fastest growing not-for-profit organisations committed to inspiring and preparing young people to succed in a global economy. Junior Achievement in Kenya is dedicated to educating youths from p
  • Coast Coconut Farms

    Coast Coconut Farms is a social enterprise providing sustainable employment in Kenya's coastal rural areas to alleviate poverty through coconut based businesses. Coast Coconut Farms has reached over 1,200 people and hopes to establish market linkages with over 3,000 coconut farmers in the Coast province of Kenya. Coas
  • Space Shuttle Guide

    With the retirement of the world’s first reusable spacecraft, the Space Shuttle, there needs to be a way to guarantee that the knowledge is not lost and distributed to the next generation of space enthusiasts. Knowledge gained should not only be to make possible missions to Mars and creating lunar bases, but to enable
  • Do Wales UK

    Globally Connected - Locally Active We aim to provide a new social ecotourism experience which leverages the All Wales Coastal Path and Offa’s Dyke Trail to develop new markets for the age demographic that has social media as a cornerstone of their lifestyle. The opportunity : To market the All Wales Coastal Path whic
  • Flowers for the public

    Turning a piece of land otherwise idle (has been so for 20 years!) into an oasis of garden flowers, changing with the seasons (3 times a year plus appropriate decoration during winter). Sloping land (14 %) requiring little terraces. Roses (smelling !), tulips, tagetes, daisies, forget-me-nots, gladiolus, crocus, hyacin
  • 3R Tech in a box

    My "Do 1 Thing" for this July 20th will be just an easy first step, I´ll collect all electronic things I have at home and don´t use anymore like old mobile phones and their batteries,chargers or computers, notebooks with their keyboards, screens and lead it to a recycle center. Via Eugenia F.
  • Ufahamu

    Ufahamu is Swahili for "awareness". It is changing lives through its capability to visualize raw data to a form people can understand without straining. This has been possible, by retrieving open data from local and international reliable repositories like from the Kenyan government,, and d
  • Project Heal Service Dogs For Wounded Veterans

    East Coast Assistance Dogs, headquartered in Torrington, CT., trains and places Assistance Dogs to help people with disabilities gain independence and mobility. Project Heal service dogs are trained by at-risk teens living in residential schools, then both are paired with wounded veterans to help them acclimate to civi
  • TeraRCBr Blog

    Based on @Astro_Pettit's blog and tweets of @Astro_Zuc, my 4th grade science students decided to write a blog in the voice of their RCBr plant along side their objective observation logs. We read the @Astro_Zuc blog and tweets and my students made some wonderful connections to their work: "Hey we're doing the same
  • Arohon

    A tiny charity, taking tiny steps towards the biggest of goals: to eradicate poverty from our pale blue dot in space. By focusing on women and girl's education and empowerment, this has far-reaching effects on the worlds poorest communities. We are building a women & girl's education & community centre in rural Banglad