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  • Broadband for All

    Broadband for All is an initiative of GEEKS Without Frontiers, which seeks to positively impact the lives of one billion people in the next ten years through the use of technology led social enterprise.
  • Solar Cooker Project for Women from Darfur

    On July 23rd, Ron Garan tweeted a photo of fires over Southern and Central Africa, taken from Space. Witnessing photographic evidence of such large scale environmental damage was both shocking and perplexing. What was going on? To find out more, I visited the NASA website and checked out a report posted by God
  • Humans in Space Youth Art Competition

    Young people the world over share their visions of the future of space exploration through the Arts.

    I collected all recyclables from my home and my yard, and took them to recycle, as well as I donated many clothes and toys to ARC to help those in need. Submitted by James A.
  • Talk with kids

    I've always loved studying earthquakes and volcanoes and everything Earth-related. I'm trying to communicate this passion through my blog, I wish I could spend time with kids and tell them how we can take care of our planet. I decided I want to specialize in Earth sciences because I wish I could do something more for t
  • save!

    I teach in a primary school and I try, every day, to sensitive kids awareness of Earth issues. I do that in a simple way, so that they can understand and give their best and, maybe, teach their parents. I invent games or plans like this: "Water.. to save!"
  • Renewable Energy Ventures

    Renewable Energy Ventures is working to improve the health of Kenyan children and families by replacing the commonly used kerosene lantern used for lighting with solar lanterns. We work to deliver clean, efficient and affordable energy to Kenyans through innovative generation, distribution and financing solutions. We
  • Village Energy

    Village Energy in Uganda, runs energy micro-factories that utilize solar power to meet the energy needs of those without access to electricity. Currently, over 150 households use Village Energy’s solar system, providing an alternative to kerosene and saving families 15-20% of their household income. Village Energy is
  • LAUNCH: Beyond Waste

    Fragile Oasis crewmembers Ali Llewellyn, Beth Beck, Ron Garan, Sean Herron, and others joined together for LAUNCH: Beyond Waste as part of our commitment to Do 1 Thing. LAUNCH is a unique program that aims to identify and accelerate solutions to the world's most urgent sustainability challenges. The current program cyc
  • Food and Food Systems in the 21st Century

    Tedx L.A. Miracle Mile - Humanity has evolved to its current state due to its species-specific adaptability and plasticity. With human population numbers rapidly increasing throughout the century, we are now confronting local and global scale decisions regarding food and food production which will have profound impact