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  • Project Calliope

    Project Calliope is a home-built satellite that converts the ionosphere (where auroras occur) into sound so we can hear on Earth just how active space is.
  • The Mary J. Blige Center for Women

    The Mary J. Blige Center for Women is a program of FFAWN, the Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, and is located in Mary’s hometown of Yonkers, New York. The program is a partnership between FFAWN and Westchester Jewish Community Center, and is committed to providing girls and w
  • OYW#KamilaPiorowska Run for peace!

    I am one of One Young World delegates, I met Ron Garan who inspired me to apply. I am looking for sponsorship for 10K run project, where we will have 200 runners running for world peace.
  • Astrovo

    Astrovo is creating a space tourism experience that anyone can afford.
  • Almost Rocket Science

    A STEM themed podcast, designed to inspire tomorrow's dreamers. We seek to unveil the mystery of STEM careers and share the stories of those who have achieved success in these fields.
  • We Need To Talk

    We Need To Talk (WNTT) is a cross-cultural dialog project using Email to exchange ideas. It is a project initiated by YOUTH! (Young United Through Humanity!), a group of young role models from Indonesia. Our vision is for youth to stand together and do good for society, no borders, no boundaries. The We Need to Talk
  • Surcos Argentina - Argentina Grooves

    Surcos Argentinos is a group of students from many backgrounds in Cordoba, Argentina, who share a common goal: To build a fair and equitable society. They have been installing and maintaining a family-oriented organic garden, finding new horizons, new opportunities and self-sufficiency. Surcos Argentinos is a non
  • Space Quotes

    An organized searchable collection of space and fragile oasis quotations.
  • World's Biggest Dream Board

    The mission of World's Biggest Dream Board is to provide a safe space online for all to dream, share, and believe in one another.
  • Engineers Without Borders

    The Johnson Space Center Chapter of Engineers Without Borders is helping the L'Esperance orphanage in Muganero, Rwanda become financially self sufficient by developing a way to dry the large amount of fruit growing in the surrounding hills so it can be brought to market.