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  • Himalayan Institute Cameroon Community Center

    The Himalayan Institute Cameroon in West Africa is our flagship humanitarian project. Launched in 2007, HI Cameroon is our model HI Community Center offering five major humanitarian projects. It has been designed as an integrated hub for a range of rural empowerment projects, all supporting one goal—to fight poverty, i
  • Feeding Children Everywhere

    Feeding Children Everywhere mobilize peoples from all walks of life to help meet one of our most basic needs: FOOD.
  • Project Mercury Rising

    Developed to educate youth in engineering and mechanics- and promote enthusiasm for space exploration through a refurbishment of the Mercury launch complex and its use as an educational facility. The facility will be used to host programs similar to A Space Camp for middle to high school students.
  • Living Proof: Their Daily Bread

    Fortifying Baladi Bread - a staple of the poor in Egypt - with vitamins and amino acids is making a difference in the health of children and families.
  • Carbon for Water

    More than four million residents of Kenya's Western Province gained access to safe drinking water in a six-week public health mobilization.
  • Water in toilet: Do you really need so much clean water?

    Water is precious. Save some by restricting the amount used by your toilet. Via Roger K. وقد لطيفة اليوم في جميع أنحاء العالم أينما كنت! En een mooie dag verder over de hele wereld waar je ook bent! Und noch einen schönen Tag auf der ganzen Welt, wo immer Sie sind! And have a nice day all over the world wherever
  • Cycling Across the USA

    Biking alone across the United States to raise awareness among young people about breast cancer, adventurer and entrepreneur Ness Knight is on a 2,000-mile journey from the Gateway Arch in Missouri to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, experiencing the prairie, rivers and mountains from an up close eye-level pers
  • Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

    The Coalition works to restore and protect coastal Louisiana.
  • Sentinel Mission

    A steward of planet Earth in the most literal sense, the Sentinel Mission is working to build, launch, and operate a space telescope that will orbit our Sun to find and track asteroids.
  • River Leven Clean Up

    A Do 1 Thing on 1 Day project, neighbourhood groups took advantage of fair weather and joined together to have a clean up on the waterways.