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  • We Need To Talk

    We Need To Talk (WNTT) is a cross-cultural dialog project using Email to exchange ideas. It is a project initiated by YOUTH! (Young United Through Humanity!), a group of young role models from Indonesia. Our vision is for youth to stand together and do good for society, no borders, no boundaries. The We Need to Talk
  • Surcos Argentina - Argentina Grooves

    Surcos Argentinos is a group of students from many backgrounds in Cordoba, Argentina, who share a common goal: To build a fair and equitable society. They have been installing and maintaining a family-oriented organic garden, finding new horizons, new opportunities and self-sufficiency. Surcos Argentinos is a non
  • Space Quotes

    An organized searchable collection of space and fragile oasis quotations.
  • World's Biggest Dream Board

    The mission of World's Biggest Dream Board is to provide a safe space online for all to dream, share, and believe in one another.
  • Engineers Without Borders

    The Johnson Space Center Chapter of Engineers Without Borders is helping the L'Esperance orphanage in Muganero, Rwanda become financially self sufficient by developing a way to dry the large amount of fruit growing in the surrounding hills so it can be brought to market.
  • Astronauts for Hire

    Astronauts for Hire (Astronauts4Hire) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity whose mission is to increase the competitiveness of commercial astronaut candidates by providing skills training, facilitating forums for candidate communication, engaging the space research community, and inspiring the next generation. The
  • AidEngine - The network for nonprofits

    We are attempting to create an online community of non profits organisations and we plan to achieve this by providing them with a complete and free website. Organisations can register and customize their website freely and also use their own domain. Alternatively, non profits can go for just a listing and online pro
  • 3D Study Maze

    The Study Maze is a collection of mazes designed for studying, intended to interconnect into one large "Study Maze." It was conceived on May 25, 2012 by Mindey, as a result of thinking of how to make education as attractive as watching movies, and as addictive as playing computer games.
  • International Radio Earth-Space Radio

    This Project Will Be A Cooperation of Various Radios Across The World In Order to Share Their Culture Through Music , Even Especial News About Their Weather , Climate Change , Scientific News and Interviews also Will Be A Platform of Communication With Space Related Projects , Satellite Connectivity , Coverage of Live
  • Green Business Initiative

    Green Business Initiative is a project of the Syracuse University Students in Free Enterprise (SU SIFE) team in partnership with the Green Core Company, working directly with local businesses in the city of Syracuse. The businesses span across many different industries, and include a restaurant, an office furniture sup