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2021 G(reen) Fit(Ness) E - Camps Online

From the project description:

THIS PROPOSAL IS: In a response to increasing obesity rates and related illness, the lack of awareness of energy waste, and the need to reduce the internet skills gap. Goal: To substantially impact on the threefold problem with educational data provided each year, set against health and energy statistics each year i…View Project

While I understand the need to promote physical fitness, it's also important to eat clean, organic food without polysyllabic additives. I've been vegetarian for most of my life, a basic diet that doesnt require the needless slaughter of animals which require essential elements as food, water, space to be healthy. Less energy is used for a vegetarian diet, too, esp if one eats local foods. Educating young children about this choice of diet needs to be implimented in Health and Home Economic classes. While unhealthy foods are an easy draw, cheap ingredients frosted with cute toys is tough competition, but long term, lifelong benefits are worth it. Diabetis, high blood pressure, heart disease can be reduced by a basic vegetarian diet. Please read "Diet for a Small Planet" by Frances Moore Lappe'. It will give you facts that will not only help Our Fragile Oasis, but better Her inhabitants! Hugs

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