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Digital Green

From the project description:

Digital Green combines technology and social organization to improve the cost-effectiveness of existing agricultural extension systems. …View Project

this shows that 2 trees at once 1}agriculture is none alone at only one place but it can be share all over the world,which help to share the indian culture ,agriculture and many more. 2}growth of technology is now far from our primary sector{farmer} which leads to social balanced and the also treated as equality among all. thank,s


great combination of tech and nature! this project shows no contrast between them! which is right!


How does this function with limited internet? (3) a hardware and software technology platform to exchange data in areas with limited Internet and electrical grid connectivity, and How does the iterative model function if there is limited Internet and electrical grid connectivity? (4) an iterative model to progressively better address the needs and interests of the community with web-based analytical tools and interactive voice response (IVR) phone-based feedback channels.

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