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Water in toilet: Do you really need so much clean water?

From the project description:

Water is precious. Save some by restricting the amount used by your toilet. Via Roger K. وقد لطيفة اليوم في جميع أنحاء العالم أينما كنت! En een mooie dag verder over de hele wereld waar je ook bent! Und noch einen schönen Tag auf der ganzen Welt, wo immer Sie sind! And have a nice day all over the world wherever…View Project

It would be amazing, and I always tought about this if houses had their main water sinks filtered from hair and anything big and connected of course with the FLUSH so that at least to fill the sink with that 1\2 liter of water everytime, not clean or anyway not new water was used but just already used one. Houses should all have this system if not centralized with flats individual for every family water system in each house\villa. This should be an international system.


This is a good, simple idea that we should all think about. Flush less often, if you can stomach it, and place a jar in your reservoir so less water fills your bowl with each flush.

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