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Solar Cooker Project for Women from Darfur

From the project description:

The Solar Cooker Project uses the most basic technology to give refugees a way to independently cook food without having to gather firewood, a dangerous task of everyday life. The Iridimi Refugee Camp in Chad is equipped with 14,000 solar cookers. …View Project

Elyse David in response to Rachel A.

This is correct. Once a project reaches "Featured" status as a result of receiving the most votes in a cycle, voting for the project ends. All projects are eligible for a Fragile Oasis Prize, regardless of status. :)


I was very glad to see this project. My STAND chapter did this a few years ago for the Darfurian refugees so that the women did not have to leave the refuge camps and run the risk of getting raped. When I saw that Fragile Oasis was doing this one, I knew it would help hundreds of people


From first hand experience with a similar solar cooker I can say it works, it can be delivered economically, and it carries well. Clearly an effective quality of daily life tool.

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