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Broadband for All

From the project description:

Broadband for All is an initiative of GEEKS Without Frontiers, which seeks to positively impact the lives of one billion people in the next ten years through the use of technology led social enterprise. …View Project

High-speed internet connectivity is right up there with food, clothing and shelter in the 21'st century. It provides the best possibilities for uniform education of all through its inexhaustible resources. Humanity can only improve through the sharing of ideas and knowledge. The internet is the key to making it happen and needs to be available to all.


I love this project! I have a dream of connecting globally through music and tech... Broadband for all should be a human right.


Broadband connectivity provides education of every level, it enables people to run a business from everywhere and to share their life with others. Online we can find support and we can provide our own experience. Through the availability of internet this planet will become a better place, especially in regions where some minorities are suppressed: broadband gives them a voice.


Access to others is key to development. As someone who was involved in helping bring basic internet access to remote counties in northern Michigan, I know the challenges. That said, technology changes exponentially and this project may be a vehicle that revolutionizes - improves - communication avenues for all of us.

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