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From the project description:

Florida 4th graders are researching, designing and building an International Space Station Module within their classroom.…View Project

This could be great, once in a life time changing experiance ! Just ask a local theater for some help. So you have some good engeneers in the future.


I love this idea! It'll definitely make the kids more interested in space and engineering.


Fantastic project to engage the next generation! I'd be interested to know which English school has been hooked up, as I'm in England.


This sounds so amazing! I wish we had been able to do something like when I was in school.


Sounds like an outstanding idea! It will be a great motivator to inspire the children to pursue the STEM careers that are so needed in our time. If a larger group of schools did this, the net increase in scientific literacy worldwide would be incredible!


Thank you for taking a look at this project. We completed it back in 2013 and are starting up again for the end of this school year. As a STEM teacher, I will be working with our 5th and 6th graders to build a model of the ISS here at Hans Christian Andersen. The 5th grade will take on the role of CASIS and the 6th graders will be their NASA mission control and astronaut base. I will ask Fragile Oasis to update our project. :)

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