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H2 Empower Library Project

From the project description:

h2 Empower is building a community library in Hosanna, Ethiopia, a town with 27,000 school aged children. We are building this library to make knowledge readily available to the people in this rural agricultural community and to connect people with the outside world. …View Project

Imagine children who never saw a picture book. Imagine teachers who never read a novel or have never seen an encyclopedia. Imagine a world where students share textbooks 1 for 6 and there is nothing to read in the house. Imagine never having a book of your own. This is life for so many. h2 Empower is changing this for the people of Hadiya, a county of 120,000 children in southern Ethiopia. Books can change lives. Education is the key. You can help us empower the people of rural Ethiopia. For more information, go to and VOTE for us.

Helen B. in response to Helen B.

Our library will be a model for other libraries in Ethiopia. We are creating a community resource with books, magazines, newspapers, and computer access and a place where parents, teachers, students can go to learn and explore, to find ways to improve their minds, their standard of living and to resolve community concerns. Help us by Voting for h2 Empower Library Project.

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