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  • Three Ships Pass In The Night - Part II

    Things are back to normal after the departure of the Space Shuttle and the crew of STS-134, so I have a little time to tell the story of Endeavour’s visit in a series of recollections.
  • Beginnings and Endings: Lots in Between

    It is wonderful to be able to connect with projects and people that are making the world a better place, and being able to fly over these areas and see them from this incredible vantage point. All of us on our planet are connected through our shared humanity – even those of us living in space.
  • Three Ships Pass In The Night - Part I

    I am enjoying some time off after an incredibly busy two weeks. Since my last post, the Space Shuttle Endeavour docked, and then undocked after a very successful sixteen-day mission.
  • Saturday Morning in Space

    There something very inspiring about strapping yourself to the bench to do a set of bench press while right in front of you, in the big center window of the cupola, Australia is floating by.
  • TGIF!

    Every day on the International Space Station brings a new and remarkable experience.
  • Our New Home

    Arrival to the International Space Station was like something out of '2001 Space Odyssey!' On the...
  • Splashdown-9

    Travel to Miami/Key Largo for start of NEEMO 9 training week. Dave and Ron and I were all on the...
  • Splashdown-8

    First day of training -- primarily devoted to refresher on some of the science hardware we'll be...
  • Splashdown-7

    We spent the morning taking our NURC swim test (everyone did great) and going over our scuba...
  • Splashdown-7

    Today was our first day of dive training.  We started the day with a really nice briefing to...