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  • Sunrise From Space

    Editor's Note: On Saturday, August 27, 2011, Ron will point his camera out one of the six trapezoidal side windows of the Space Station Cupola to film one of the sixteen sunrises he sees each day. Which sunrise and which window is up to YOU.
  • Perpetual Sun

    In Antarctica, the summertime sun never sets. It is perpetual day. Instead of a ducking beneath...
  • The Moon Over Afghanistan

    The thin blue line of Earth's atmosphere and a low sun painting the clouds red as the half moon...
  • San Francisco Stopover

    Peter Frampton: Thanks to my dear friend and amazing guitar player, Davy Knowles, I was introduced to Astronaut Ron Garan presently on the International Space Station.
  • Music From Your Space Station

    Listening to beautiful music while orbiting our beautiful fragile oasis at 17,500 miles per hour is a wonderfully surreal experience.
  • Until We Meet Again

    From the ISS Cupola reflecting on a life challenge I heard long ago – 'Be strong enough to know...
  • Propane

    Classic wisdom says that propane stoves do not work well in cold climes. The propane bottle will...
  • Love Our Planet!

    Very simply, we have an obligation to take care of our planet, take care of each other.
  • Turning the Page to the Next Chapter of Human Spaceflight - Part 5

    As I was ready to leave Atlantis’ payload bay, I knew that it was the last time anyone would do this. Emotion hit as I thought about the thousands of people who have designed, built, maintained, managed and loved these amazing flying machines.
  • We're Getting The Band Back Together

    "I launched in a Russian rocket, travelled a million miles, and you give me a bag of instant coffee?" -- Mike Fossum to Ron Garan