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Innovation is Risky Business

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I hear the word innovation constantly. The word is used in advertising, business plans, and countless seminars and conferences. Although there are cases of misuse and overuse for sure, I believe the reason why we hear the word innovation so much is because what is needed at this moment in ...

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Joan Pfeiffer in response to Ron Garan

Hello to an Amazing Cosmo Man! Dear Ron Garan, What you have written is true. Yet, I cannot help but think that these decisive tendencies in all facets of our lives in this world and beyond, are more than what we truly understand. Yes, I am speaking of the "supernatural", but it really is not that unrealistic. If we truly believe in His Creation, and all that God is, there is that expectation within us to say....but wait...there is more! Truly more! When we read the Bible and yet not just His Holy Bible, but the scrolls left in history, or as I like to call it, His Story, there is so much more. God does tell us in Genesis what we need to know, but also a hint, of what He does not think we need to know. In Genesis Chapter 1 verse 14, He says, "Let there be lights in the "vault" of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years, and let them be lights in the "vault" of the sky to give light on the earth." and it was so. I am always intrigued by His Word and amazed at how He constantly gives us that desire of learning more. This verse 14 is full of the unbelievable hum of His Creation. What is the "vault" of the sky? I mean is it a universe of a vault or is the vault full of many universes? That being unexplained adds to the wonder of the "lights" in the vault. No, that theory is unproven to date. Many have theorized, but never proven the awesome "supernatural" of HIM. Giving of ourselves, to assist this world, is one thing full of promise of the earth. However, the real impact could be so much more, given the thoughts of HIS "supernatural" entities He created as well. You are an amazing light in this world. Prayers are the best gift we can give someone who has given so much, and yearns for more to be done. God bless you! Joan G. Pfeiffer

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