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Classic wisdom says that propane stoves do not work well in cold climes. The propane bottle will get so cold that the liquefied gas would rather stay in the tank than come out to play. Snow-bound expeditions use the old classic white gas stove. Like a medieval dragon, these white ...

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you can find a perfect density of ice,,if you will focuse,,and remind your mind,,for what next,,for what next for the density of mass we have thinking,,ice velocity we can get,,that get over speed to make a mass which creation,,,like universe were steeping for,,,theres noh god science is a creation,,mind you exploration of mind yu'll see how's difference bettween god and science,,


like for example light the fire,,,if you can light,,theres a substance for you to scracth,,to make a fire,,meaning to say,,darkness you can find cold,,you can find solid particles,,which is ice velocity,,ice velocity make friction to perform creation,,continue frictioning to perform more and more creation like planty of universe,,,i will submit the project were ever possible,,,just an idea,,if you like it,,

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