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Seeing This Makes The Heart Soar And The Soul Sing

From the blog post:

A clear starry night over the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. Ancient lands with thousands of years of history stretching from Athens, Greece all the way around the Med to Cairo, Egypt. Storied lands, fabled cities, and alluring islands... Athens - Crete - Rhodes - Izmir - Ankara - ...

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I bet it does !!! Thank you so much for sharing Colonel Wheels. You have blessed my life and instilled an even greater appreciation of our amazing Earth through your photos and words. I've always dreamed of going to space and thanks to you I have come closer to that dream than I could ever imagine. You inspire so many to respect and care for our Fragile Oasis. Your poetic writings touch my heart and lift me up. Thank you for being so special, and for being so kind to me when I met you in DC. Godspeed you always Commander...

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