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From the blog post:

Arrival to the International Space Station was like something out of '2001 Space Odyssey!' On the day of our rendezvous with the Space Station, Alexander (Sasha), Andrey and I changed back into our spacesuits, took our respective places in our Soyuz Descent Module and closed the hatch to the Habitation ...

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My son and I watched live as you arrived at the ISS, he was absolutely fascinated, being 11 years old. As soon as he saw you and the other crew members arrive he decided he wanted to be an astronaut. He is fascinated by you and the other crew members. Everyday now he watches you and the other crew go about your daily business via the live feed from the ISS, (for some reason he thought you could see him too) usually from 7:45 am till 8:30 am EST. he wanted to know if I could somehow get a message to you directly, I told probably not likely until I found this wonderful website you created. If you would do something for a little boy, could you please I don't know maybe put a sign up near one of the cameras that says Hi Justin, that would make his entire life, I am sure of it. It is his birthday May 22nd so maybe on that say you could do it? I know I am asking alot, But please consider, and thanks for the wonderful information and pictures you are sharing during your I'm sure life changing experience you are having. Keep up the good work, all of you up there, what you are doing is just amazing.

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