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From the blog post:

Every day on the International Space Station brings a new and remarkable experience.… See the full post.

Thanks for sharing your experience in space. With the ATV docking, I'd be afraid of things that `go bump in the night.` ; )


I always love reading your blog posts (and all the others who blog in space). One of the things I enjoy reading about the most are all the cool student experiments that you guys do. I graduated high school last year (already?) and even though I knew about all of the student experiments a class could propose, I never had the time to approach any of my teachers about my idea. (how much stronger are electromagnetic fields and in LEO and is their range affected by gravity. Or something along those lines. I'm fascinated with EM and magnetic fields in general along with astrophysics. Don't really have the math skills for it though). I'm very happy to see that there are students and teachers who do have the time and are able to submit experiments that are done.


Very Interesting! Hard work. But worth doing. Incredible result for experience with static eletricity! Congratulation by your effort. Everything have your own difficulty. So, smille!


very intereseting


Super cool Yuri's Night shirt, Ron! I have one just like it. Thanks for sharing your world with us!

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