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Beginnings and Endings: Lots in Between

From the blog post:

It is wonderful to be able to connect with projects and people that are making the world a better place, and being able to fly over these areas and see them from this incredible vantage point. All of us on our planet are connected through our shared humanity – even those of us living in space. … See the full post.

Just thought you may want to know I posted this blog link to former Canadian astronaut Marc Garneau, now Liberal MP in Westmount-Ville de Marie on the island of Montreal, Quebec.


I was thinking, Mr Ron Garan. I believe there is enormous potential for water on the planet. Some call it planet water. If we did a gathering of forces of scientific research, experience and exchange of information about the purification of sea water (salt water) we can solve the problem of water shortage. I believe that if there is a real concern of government and scientific community, we can enjoy abundant source of water at a very low cost. Really low. Raw water for no fault on the planet. There is a volume of water in the oceans huge. Make ocean source of drinking water and cheap, I do not think a scientific challenge as complex. Will suffice. And it's important. The growing demand for water on the planet is very big, and we can not let this turn conflicts. Is the extreme example of human ignorance trade water for blood. A government that cares about their safety in water availability need to invest in research to turn salt water into drinking water for people use. It will certainly be cheaper than weapons and lives. I'm thinking of a way to separate salt from water. A simple, inexpensive and efficient. C'mon!


It is truly amazing that you can continue your humanitarian efforts while floating through space! You are awesome! :)


Thank you so much for creating this blog, Bloggernaut Ron. This is the most amazing blog I have ever seen and your pictures and thoughts are very moving and inspiring. It is a rainy evening in CA and I look forward to trying to find you all in the sky when my 83 year old mom and I are in Kings Canyon National Park soon! (using NASA's tracking app) I hope that this cloud cover clears soon! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! You are in our thoughts and prayers.


I love the name of your BLOG. It could also apply to our earth. Godspeed Ron, Rick Garel Canada


What amazing pictures. Many thanks for sharing. My students will coment on Monday when they see the background on my laptop.

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