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Three Ships Pass In The Night - Part I

From the blog post:

I am enjoying some time off after an incredibly busy two weeks. Since my last post, the Space Shuttle Endeavour docked, and then undocked after a very successful sixteen-day mission. … See the full post.

I felt part of the crew too. Never before had I followed an STS mission so closely. It was great as it has been great to follow the recent ISS missions. I enjoy very much your postings, here, on Twitter and your `soul elevating` images on Twitpic. Look forward to Part II of `Three ships pass in the night`. Keep up the good work!


Thank you for posting such awesome photos and updates from Space. I love the twitter posts in which you prompt us to ID a planet setting on the horizon or a remote lake - Solving those actually makes me feel like I’m working as ISS ground support at Twitter Ground Control!! ...That interaction elevates all of us to feel like we’re a part (however tiny) of mankind’s greatest achievement - the ISS - and that feeling is priceless. So thank you again from me and on behalf of everyone else who yearns to play a significant and beneficial part in man’s future, both in Space and on our Fragile Oasis in the cosmos. I’m looking forward to the next instalment of 'Three Ships Pass in the Night'.


You've had a really busy 2+ weeks. Space Station must feel really empty without the STS-134 crew. Thanks for sharing your insights!!

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