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Three Ships Pass In The Night - Part II

From the blog post:

Things are back to normal after the departure of the Space Shuttle and the crew of STS-134, so I have a little time to tell the story of Endeavour’s visit in a series of recollections.… See the full post.

This is touching. I can't wait for the next blog!


I think you wait the new people with great interest. I have a question, Does you sleep in one time or little by little? eight, six or less hours?


Great stories, Ron. I love the superman picture, that must be a fun way to get around. Keep the posts coming, it gives all of us a little chance to `be in space` with you.


Thanks so much for sharing this Astro_Ron. These are the things that are fun to hear about. Of course I love science, so I am amazed at how much we continue to learn from long term inhabitants in space like yourself. I just really enjoy the day to day things that so many of us never even ponder :) Most of all, I love hearing about Earth from space. I bet you really discover a whole new appreciation for our Fragile Oasis !!! Our Planet is Amazing...

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