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Three Ships Pass In The Night - Part IV - My First Video Blog

From the blog post:

After Endeavour undocked and fired its engines to pull away from the Space Station, the crews used flashlights to communicate in Morse Code.… See the full post.

@sweetgazer1 - We're working on that filter!


Thank you for showing us the orbital sunset from the cupola. Many times I've watched ISS glide across the night sky and into the shadow cast by Earth and tried to picture what that transition looked like onboard the ISS.


I loved the depiction of Endeavor testing the new docking sensors. I can imagine that sphere of luminescent vapour from Endeavor cast out into the void. Picturing that effect reminded me of ocean spray cast up by the bow of a ship illuminated by the sun low in the sky. Thank you again for sharing these moments!


Yeah, the filter's a wee bit too puritan...

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