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What Kind of World Do You Want?

From the blog post:

I'd like to thank my friends at NASA for taking the question "What Kind Of World Do You Want" to new heights, as well as creating the coolest Five for Fighting video to date!… See the full post.

I want to share a place in Space ...


"History starts now" as the song says. Look at what we can achieve, have achieved. I want a world where our goals are lofty, our commitment to our Fragile Oasis is unwavering and we work together to give the future generations the type of inspiration NASA has given me. Think and dream big because we can.


A world where we all have the space to become who we are.


A world with no fear.


a world you never seen before,,a world for last good bye,,if there is,,life after death,,a world with no,,faith to learn,,,


A world like Mars, but terraformed.

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