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Turning the Page to the Next Chapter of Human Spaceflight - Part 2

From the blog post:

The end of the Space Shuttle program is a bittersweet moment in time. In its wake, a magnificent legacy, and hopefully the beginning of an era that will see humanity explore space beyond Earth orbit.… See the full post.

Choosy astronauts choose Jif, I see. :)


I'm curious why we didn't outfit and leave the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (like the previous one) adding more volume to the ISS? I realize it would be occupying a port, but the Shuttle air-lock won't be used too much (presumably). Just wondering considering the enormous volume in those units.


Okay curiosity strikes the in the world do you guys "appear" to be sitting and not floating everywhere and just out of curiosity (answering for Sandy) how does she eat floating flat on her stomach? How does the food digest?


Sweet - just saw the JIF. Gotta have peanut butter in space, I'm sure!


I absolutely love that photo of you all having dinner on the mid-deck. I've been looking at it for 15 mins now and am still mesmerized by the reality of objects just drifting around a normal scene of people eating together. Well it looks kind of normal until you notice someone (is that Sandy Magnus?) floating above the table! It's like a true-life recreation of those 'impossible construction' lithographs - M C Escher is nodding his head in approval from beyond the grave. There are so many people who harbor a powerful desire to visit the ISS, including yours truly, and I'd just like to say that this photo brings me some measure of solace because I've now seen a way to recreate a small piece of ISS life right here on Earth: All we have to do is set aside an area of wall near a desk or table, get two jars of Jif Peanut Butter (one red cap, one blue cap) and some Superglue or similar adhesive. Then, proceed to glue the two Jif peanut butter jars to the wall (horizontally by the lids). To further enhance the effect, hang some tech gear and cables from the ceiling to drift menacingly yet serenely overhead. Seriously though, I hugely appreciate these insights into life aboard the ISS. You're the greatest. Best, Andrew.

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