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Turning the Page to the Next Chapter of Human Spaceflight - Part 4

From the blog post:

I remember during my first mission looking down at the Earth and marveling at a beautiful spot, and wondering where we were. This time it seemed that every time I looked down I knew where we were. … See the full post.


I felt like I was there too - real clarity, thank you. Good to see that music is still important- even in space. Take care up there.


Just found this site today!! I'm absolutely amazed!! I am in awe of the beauty of our planet and the work that you do. Take care and please keep blogging.


Ron you look like you're ready to blast some space monsters in that picture up there! Thanks again for sharing this amazing experience with us. I hope someday soon more and more people will be able to work in places like the space station and see our wonderful planet from that far up.


Superb Ron, thanks - yeah that pic gave me a giggle. ON a more serious note thank you for this blog and i hope someone takes over when you come home.


Awesome. So much preparation for a space walk for you and your friend. Very important to have the right tools and equipment. Great work. Well done.

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