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Clean Water for 4,000,000 People in Kenya

From the blog post:

by Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen Guest Bloggernaut As Ron Garan’s images show us with dramatic poignancy, water is our planet’s mother’s milk, vital to humans and indeed all life on Earth. With that understanding, my company has worked for many years with governments and other partners to ensure that people have ...

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I'm so thrilled to watch the Carbon for Water Campaign unfold in Kenya. I first met both Mikkel and Ron at LAUNCH:Water, one of the projects we created to help propel innovation to solve some of the worlds most pressing problems. Seeing the fruit of our labor (LAUNCH) touch people in need is both humbling and validating. I wish I could be there, hands-on, helping out. Thanks Mikkel and Ron for making a positive difference in this world. :-D


I fell in love with Africa when I was assigned to write a story on South Africa. As a result, I am getting my Masters in social work to hopefully work with Doctors without Borders. I love your project. Water and air are life.

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