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The Fruits of Labor - From Earth to Space

From the blog post:

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has submitted a project to the Fragile Oasis community. The vision for Fragile Oasis is for it to become a vehicle to effect real change. We want to provide a means for people and organizations to collaborate and develop synergy ...

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Sounds very simple - such a project. But it obviously takes careful thinking, and surely trying, until a prototype is ready for working. In figurative speech: teaching orphans how to fish and not only donating a fish for eating. With the next fruit driers being built locally this will be know-how transfer too. I like such projects.


Loving this very much. Excellent. Enjoy That Pineapple snack! Thank You for caring about others.


Thank you for all you made is is fantastic your wonderfumm shos will miis me i hope all the best for you THANK A LOT++++++++++++++++++


I love the fact that you enjoyed the "fruits of your labor" literally!! What a cool Earth-Space connection. Thanks for keeping that perspective in all your posts. You remind us that we're global citizens and we can work together to solve humanity's problems -- on AND off the planet. :)


Thank you for caring for others and making our planet a more caring and harmonious place. You are a wonderful role model for all of us Astro Ron...

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