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Plunging Over Niagara Falls In A Burning Barrel. And More.

From the blog post:

About two weeks before my return to Earth, I had a videoconference from the International Space Station with astronaut Scott Kelly who told me about his experience plunging over Niagara Falls in a burning barrel six months before. He was actually describing what his own ride home from the ISS ...

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Dear Astro Ron! thanks for sharing your amazing experience on your return to Earth. I always wanted to know how it would feel in the body and how strong the reentry was. Thanks for giving us more details about something I personally wouldnt ever have the chance to experience.Glad you got home safe and sound!!


Although I missed the live coverage of the landing it was exciting watching the rescue crews extract the three of you from the Soyuz and to see you all looking so well and happy. I'm also interested to learn you landed (briefly) in my country on your journey home - and that you evidently landed in a rain break (it does happen sometimes). It's been so much fun following your tales from space, looking forward to reading your reflections on your time in orbit now you're home.


You yelled Yoo Hoo ?!! Sounds a bit intense to me, but hey you are a test pilot after all and I guess Yoo Hoo would fit ;P Thanks for the blow by blow Astro Ron. I really love the way we get to be so involved in your experiences. I've been watching space ships in awe since 1967, but never before have I felt like I'd been along for the ride. Thanks so much for sharing and it's great to have you back on our amazing planet...


Thank you so much, Sir. We are truly inspired. Reading your posts brings tears to my eyes every time. NASA is now open again for new astronauts. Best of luck to those who will apply! May you all be like Ron Garan.


Wow I sat glued to the screen during the landing and can tell you the communication black out was not much fun from this end lol. Little did i know you would stop less than 20 mins from my house, Did the Scottish air feel good?


Thanks for sharing your story!

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