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What Makes an Explorer?

From the blog post:

There is a type of social deviate who doesn’t fit in, and who naturally seeks the freedom of the wilderness. The American frontier was settled by that kind of spirit. Ironically, the wilderness of space requires a high degree of social conformity before you are allowed to enter, so today’s ...

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So are astronauts "social space deviates"...? ;) I look forward to your insights during the next 6 months when you're up on Space Station. Thanks Don!!


"Infestation" ? lol, nice. I think space pirates will eventually return us to the more 'deviant', free and self deterministic caste of explorers. I like this article, though I find generally exploration of new frontiers is both a government and THEN a private enterprise. Columbus was working for Spain, Hudson for England, but eventually it is the privateers that followed who really opened these areas up. Still, great article !


*yes, my grammar is always this bad before 9am local ;p

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