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We Get to Carry Each Other

From the blog post:

Watching a video of U2’s “One” featuring Mary J. Blige this weekend brought me back to the launchpad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan waiting for the countdown and my launch to space – and inspired me to write this post. Just before entering the Soyuz on April 4, 2011 ...

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Wow, that's awesome!! Its so great how you have been involving musicians Col., Peter Gabriel, U2, Frampton... Your use of various media and networking platforms for the promotion of space has been truly stellar. It also helps to get the artists ideas out there, win-win :)


and I should also say that I hope everyone who also appreciates your efforts in this regard will consider putting in a twitter-vote for you on the shorty awards/heros catagory !!


Is there a "single most powerful way" that each of us can support this cause?


Great post, Ron! Space, far from distancing the human spirit from the Earth and others, does quite the opposite. What an amazing thought! :-)

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