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A Salute To All The Coasties Out There

From the blog post:

We had just passed over Kamchatka, Russia where I took a picture of about 20 of the many dozens of the volcanoes there. The sun angle was low making the volcanoes practically jump out at me. Along the coast in the foreground you can see wisps of what looks like ...

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its such a pretty blue dot from LEO ! great pix !! :)


Great post, Dan! Those swirls are amazing. Nature is one of the most talented artists there is, and what a palette to work with! Cheers to Coastguards everywhere!


Only a Coastie would think of Coasties while viewing Kodiak from space! :)


The pictures you shaered of the Von Karman vortex sheets is so beautiful As an artist I created a tribal tatoo design based on the image on that photo than you

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