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The Sweet Smell of Molecules

From the blog post:

A vacuum is a condition that is nearly devoid of molecules, and space is a molecular desert that makes the Empty Quarter of the Saudi Arabian peninsula seem like an oasis in comparison. But the space vacuum still has some molecules—residue from galactic processes, solar wind or atomic detritus spalled ...

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Mike Fincke thinks space smells like burnt cookies. That's my kind of sweet smell of space. Makes me want to burn a pan now, in your honor. :)


Don, the only thing I can think to compare this to would be ionized air. What you describe is what I would compare to the smell of my living room after playing with slot cars when I was a kid. My brother and I would run those things until they were hot to the touch, and the room would have a distinct ionized smell. Now and then I encounter that smell when electric motors are running. I always associate that smell with fun! Is the smell of space similar?


The molecules coalescing on your EVA suits is "planet-building" going on a micro scale, I presume. How interesting!

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