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Blood and Treasure

From the blog post:

Gold, silk, and spices were the tangible treasures from past explorations. Today, the frontier of space offers treasures that are golden but not gold—secrets about the biochemistry of life, drawn from the bodies of astronauts. Weightlessness poses a biochemical challenge to human space travelers, who develop a host of fascinating ...

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If I could loose weight by signing up for astronaut duty, I should have signed up long ago! It would have caused a serious financial crisis to take me up there though. Orbiting is the most interesting diet yet! Think Geek was selling tiny samples of Aerogel around Christmas. It looks like it should feel soft and resilient, but is just the opposite. Taking the Aerogel cooler pack to Antartica was a great idea. I just wish the stuff weren't so expensive or we would all have lightweight lunch bags. The meteorites must have been pretty easy to locate because your team found so many. I have enjoyed your posts Don, and thank you for sharing your experiences. I'm still hoping to see you in the fall.

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