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Europe's Automated Transfer Vehicle Docks

From the blog post:

Breathing fire and bringing good stuff. Click for a bigger image Click for a bigger image Click for a bigger image

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I really love these images. From NASA TV, the spacecraft looked bathed in pink. Now I see why with the floodlights illuminating the vehicle. The green glow over earth (auroras?) completes the portrait. Simply breathtaking!! Thanks for sharing!


Great pix. And I recognize a light that has puzzled me some time ago: the re-boosting pic. The green glow is airglow, not auroras. Charged particles also play their role in this chemical process. Airglow is almost uniform in color intensity over all of the globe's circumference while auroras manifest extremely bright spots and less bright sections. Airglow is most distinct at 60 to 70 km above Earth while auroras may extend from 70 to 140 km so that they can appear much "higher" than the relatively small layer of airglow.


Ron you take the best happy snaps don,t tell me boxs brownie


Great news - replenish & enjoy! :-)


You would think that there's a war down there with so many lights on Earth. I learned something new: airglow. Thanks for sharing :D

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