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Hope for Somalia

From the blog post:

Photographs of the East Africa coast taken last summer from the International Space Station were breathtaking in their beauty. Beneath the clouds that covered the coast but delivered no rain, the worst drought in over 60 years. Photograph taken by Ron Garan from the International Space Station on July 24, ...

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I fully support this effort. In the essence: average people suffer the most from the political disputes and the armed conflict. Even if the individual contribution can be small only, a droplet in the sea, it is a contribution and a beginning of a change, to the better, I hope.


I think so that, beyond de political and logistical obstacles, this nation need the people that heard them with atention. And you did this! Very nice your work Amanda! I'm sure that your presence humanitary within the people life's, provocated the diferencial in the moral life's. Congratulation! God bless you and all the wordwide!


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